Engraved inscribed Henry .44 Rimfire (W7080)

Engraved inscribed Henry .44 Rimfire caliber rifle. Made in 1864. Very interesting gun! Barrel has a smooth brown patina. The left side of the receiver is engraved with a scroll border design with F.D. Pease above Bloomfield Indiana in the middle of the scroll. On the front part of the receiver are a 2 engraved “Rose of Sharon: flowers with a scroll border. The right side of the receiver is engraved is engraved with patriotic eagle with 2 American flags on each side in the center of the scroll border. The top of the receiver and butt plate are scroll engraved. The dove tail sight was added after engraving. No F.D. Pease from Bloomfield Indiana could be located. There was a Frank Pease out of Ohio and another out of Michigan both with the middle initial D. there are several men listed as F. Pease with no middle initial given. This gun is arrange of guns issued to the Veteran Volunteers. More research should be done to see if this individual can be pin pointed. All of the engraving and inscription are original and period. Wood is very good. Henry bump is still present. Very neat identified period engraved Henry rifle!

Date Sold:
Sep 18, 2015