Martially Marked Henry Rifle (W6901)

Martially Marked Henry Rifle. Made in 1863. Smooth brown patina on the barrel. The barrel address is faint, but readable. Right hand side of the barrel has the “C.G.C” marking, no martial marks can be seen on the brass. The frame has a nice smooth mustard color patina. Bore has the typical pitting with strong rifling. Action works perfectly. Gun is all matching; no number can be seen on the buttstock, but this is an original Henry buttstock. Plate screws are numbered, some of the screws that attach the stock to the frame are replacements. The number is 18 on the frame and barrel, it is an inventory number of some kind. WE have seen similar markings on Henry’s in the past. The buttstock has been refinished long ago. Very good original martial Henry. These gun were used quite a lot and the survival rate is low.

Date Sold:
Mar 08, 2015