Texas Ranger Lone Wolf Gonzaullas D.G.F.M. 1927 .45ACP (PR36049)

Texas ranger Lone Wolf Gonzaullas D.G.F.M. 1927 .45ACP caliber pistol. Owned by Texas Ranger “Lone Wolf” Gonzaullas 1911 Argentine 1911 once owned by Legendary Texas Ranger Manuel Trazazas Gonzaullas also known as “Lone Wolf Gonzaullas”. This gun has been refinished and has Mexican silver grips along with several other replacement parts. This gun comes with a letter from a gentleman named Floyd Hilton who explains his grandfather was friends with Ranger Gonzaullas and would stop by to visit on a regular basis. Mr. Hilton also became friends with Ranger Gonzaullas and asked Ranger Gonzaullas for one of his old pistols and Ranger Gonzaullas brought him this gun. He became a lawman himself and carried this gun and added the later after-market parts. Along with this gun and letter comes a A.W. Brill basket weave holster and a pair of handcuffs with Mr. Hilton’s last name “Hilton” engraved in cursive. Lone Wolf Gonzaullas is one of the most famous rangers in the Ranger Force. Along with the letter Mr. Hilton is biographical information on Ranger Gonzaullas. Very fine historical Texas Ranger piece.


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