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$125.00German Ammo Pouch ( MM756)
German ammo pouch for the 1871 or 71/84 rifles. 1888 dated. Unit marked inside. Very nice condition....

$129.95German Mauser Model 71/84 cartridge box (MM748 )
German Mauser Model 71/84 cartridge box. 1888 dated and regimental marked inside. Very good conditio...

$139.95German WWII 1941 dated pony fur back pack. (MIS761)
German WWII 1941 dated pony fur back pack.

$129.95German WWII Mauser K98 action cover (MM773)
German WWII Mauser K98 action cover. Produced in 1942 with a makers code of a gfg. Excellent conditi...

$65.00Japanese Mail Bag (MM129)
Japanese Mail Bag

$65.00Japanese Mail Bag (MM131)
Japanese Mail Bag

$695.00McClellan Saddle (H462)
McClellan Saddle with 12" seat. Very good condition.

$298.50U.S. M1 carbine vehicle scabbard (H991)
U.S. M1 carbine vehicle scabbard made by Boyt in 1942. Has the original straps. Very good condition.

$225.00U.S. M1 Garand '42 dated scabbard (H992)
U.S. M1 Garand '42 dated scabbard.

$395.00WWII M1 A1 Paratrooper jump case (H990)
WWII M1 A1 Paratrooper jump case. Best we have seen in years. Mint condition.