Alan Elishewitz Titanium Scout with Onyx Cabachon (K1429)

Alan Elishewitz Titanium Scout with Onyx Cabachon. This is a scary looking knife with its 4” Nightmare ground RWL stainless blade. The 5” Titanium frame is durable and lightweight, making this knife a great carry piece. An Onyx Cabachon is set into the display side of the scale that has been grooved for both texture and design. Very comfortable in large to average sized hands. Pocket clip is set for tip up carry. Comes with a lined storage case. Excellent uncarried condition. The great price on this knife is due to a slightly off-kilter grind on the nightmare grind-aptly named because of the number of angles making it a nightmare to grind. Otherwise a beautiful piece and still functional and razor sharp.


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