B. Cogswell Double Barrel Percussion Pistol (AH426)

B. Cogswell Double Barrel Percussion Pistol cased with accessories. Pistol has 100% bright case colors as does trigger guard, tangs and butt cap very fine. Checkering is perfect. Bore is approximately .65 caliber. Barrel length is 6” and overall length is 11 ½”. Gun is engraved with very fine English scroll work. Cocks are fitted with sliding safeties. Gun is fitted with a belt hook. Butt cap opens to a trap for extra balls and percussion caps. The case is of English oak and has a nipple wrench, turn screw, flask, tin of percussion caps, rod for ball seating and a jag. The label in the lid is a later copy of A.B. Cogswell Label. Altogether this is an excellent and handsome outfit.

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