Beautiful cased Bolen pepperbox dragoon (AH3793)

Beautiful cased Bolen pepperbox dragoon size revolver. .36 caliber, 6-shot revolver. Gun was made by Allen and sold thru Bolen in New York. Barrel dated “Patent 1837” Hammer marked Bolen. Barrel has approximately 93-35% blue. Etched nipple shield has 98% original blue. Engraved frame has approximately 30-35% blue with the rest having “flaked” as the gun has light wear. Case has the rare intact Bolen picture label and is in Spanish. Apparently for the sales in Mexico. WE have seen cased “Bolen” pepper boxes in the past but not in the Dragoon size revolver nor with a Spanish language label. Case is very fine with 3 compartment flask, original bullet mold. Ram red, capcan. This is one of the best cased Dragoon pepperboxes we have sold and is even more desirable with the rare Bolen label.

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