Bacon Manufacturing Co. Pocket (AH3594)

Bacon Manufacturing Co. Pocket revolver. “Excelsior” Model with 5 panel roll scenes. Less than 1,000 were made from 1858-1867. The frame is engraved. Grips are good plus with 93-95% original varnish. Gun has approximately 90% either nickel or tin plate (we can’t decide which it is). Sideplate must have a different metallurgy as most of the finish is gone from the sideplate. This phenomenon is often seen on guns where a part is not homogenous with the main parts of the gun and the finish simply doesn’t hold. This also happens on plating where the factory did not lay on a base coat of copper or other metal to make the nickel or tin hold. A nice Bacon revolver!

Date Sold:
Jun 20, 2015