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Welcome to Collectors Archives

Collectors Firearms StoreWelcome to the Collectors Firearms Archives! Over the years since we started the website we have posted more than 70,000 items. We decided to give everyone the opportunity to see the items we have had in the past and the prices that they were listed for. All of our items are grouped in categories such as Colts, Winchester, Modern Pistols and Revolvers, etc. When an item is in a specific category it has a letter prefix that corresponds with that category, for example all colt items begin with the letter ā€Cā€, all Winchester items begin with the letter ā€œWā€ and so on. All of the categories began with number one and went up sequentially. We unfortunately did not have the data to say when they sold, but the smaller the number, the older it is. There are a lot of really neat and interesting items in the archive. We are unable to put someone in contact with the buyer, or broker any deals on items previously sold. This is for educational use and is meant to be a resource for everyone to enjoy.